We are supported regularly by Verity Perrot, veterinary physiotherapist who brings many years of expert knowledge in providing exceptional treatment for the horses. Alongside her Anthony Tory, Equine Dentist also provides his services. Horses are individual athletes and need special attention to maintain peak performance, and wellbeing throughout their training career.

All our horses are provided with Horsewear rugs to make sure they are the right temperature, particularly when the winter months arrive. They are normally clipped out in October and re-clipped at 6-week intervals.

The horses are fed on Connolly’s Redmills hard feed 3 times a day with Dengie as their added fibre.  Equine Products UK Ltd supplements are added when necessary. The haylage is homegrown and made during the summer months, it is wrapped and stored at the yard where it is regularly tested at an industry-standard laboratory.

If a horse needs to be turned out to keep fresh, we have expansive paddocks close to the yard which can accommodate them. During the summer whilst they are on holiday we have large fields on the farm for them to enjoy.

Each member of staff is responsible for 4 horses and I encourage them to report any signs of indifference that they may spot. The staff build a close relationship with each horse and get to know their characteristics over the winter months. They take much pride in turning them out to an extremely high level, especially when going to the races.  We all work together to make sure the horses have the maximum attention and support to maintain their optimum fitness and wellbeing.


Here at Jack Barber Racing we pride ourselves on finding the best homes for the horses when their racing days are coming to an end.

We are connected to an experienced re trainer as well as always researching new homes for our horses who go on to other successful careers and happy lives. We have several older horses still here on the farm, including Thisthatandtother at 25 years old he keeps the youngsters in check.


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